MOVO is – or at least should be – everyone’s favorite, non-judgmental wine spritzer brand.

The Idea: On a Valentine’s Day after the loneliest of the lonely years, we’re all gonna be tempted to send a text we might regret to an ex.

So, to give people the support they need, we encouraged them to text MOVO instead – and gave them free wine when they did.

AD: Gideon Virgadamo

Agency: MONO

Wine on us when you text us, not your ex.
U UP? For wine? Always.

The idea was for people to replace their old booty call with us. So naturally we made our SMS keyword “U UP?”

MOVO: For wine? Always. Way to text us instead of your ex! [Legal info]

We secured an SMS shortcode, and once people texted us (and once legal had commandeered half the character limit) they were pointed to a rebate site.

To launch the activation, we made a PR push and announced the promotion on MOVO’s Instagram Story. For that, I had fun writing a love poem and imaginging some extra-cringy texts for a tap & hold game.