Intern From Home

In a time of working from home and canceled internships, how do you get started in the ad industry?

You Intern From Home.

As a creative team, we came up with a name, a theme, and a visual identity for MONO’s 2021 internship program.

Designers: Patience Lekien, Shelby Anderson

Agency: MONO

Application Website

We went with a retro computer vibe for the whole project. Having lived a year of our lives through computer screens, it only made sense to present the internship through one. Or maybe we lost the ability to imagine life in any other way. Take your pick.

Program description.

Role Descriptions

Social Posts

Caption: Loading... Intern From Home. Want a remote internship that’s not remotely boring? MONO is now accepting internship applications! We’re looking for an art director, a copywriter, a designer, and a producer or content maker to join us for a 10-week, paid, full-time internship.

Caption: What makes a great intern? We polled MONOites to figure out the top 3 skills for each position. (Results may or may not be real 😉)