Excel @ Everything

Microsoft’s CEO was seeing a bunch of people use Excel in interesting ways. They were doing more than just budgeting — they’re organizing every detail of their fantasy football team, they’re even making fine art.

So they asked, could we do anything with that? And oh yeah, can you do it with $0 to spend?

We answered that question with another question:
Can you create...everything in Excel?

Excel spreadsheet with large green text that reads Excel @ Everything

ADs: Bethaney Hawrysio, Hayley Perry Sanchez

Agency: VML Seattle

We launched this campaign on Spreadsheet Day. And as made-up holidays go, it’s pretty sincere. An Excel fan decided that there should be a day dedicated to spreadsheets, and after polling her readers on the best date to celebrate, they settled on October 17th.

So we celebrated with a spreadsheet party.

And don’t worry, we cleaned up after ourselves, too.

We also made posts that showcased the features of Excel that genuinely make it a great party-planning app.

In all, we were able to deliver an entire campaign of creative made in a spreadsheet app, proving that you can Excel @ Everything.